12 Bar Blues Jam Package

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You can choose either the personal license or the "enhanced license" below

The "Enhanced License" ($59.95) give you an unlimited license to reproduce, distribute, broadcast, perform live or resell your creation without any restriction.

The "Personal License" ($39.95) only allows you personal use to practice and you cannot distribute, perform or sell your works.

Order The Enhanced License:
If you plan to perform, distribute, broadcast or resell
your works, order the Enhanced License..
(Best value bundle, most people choose this option...)

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(NOTE: The Standard Package does NOT allow you to perform or broadcast your works. If you plan to perform, distribute or sell your recordings in future, you need the enhanced license. Get it at the DEEP discount today... )

Want to order the 5 CD version instead?

Common Question #1 : Could you provide more details in the difference between the personal and enchanced license?

Answer: The personal license only allows for private practicing only and are NOT licensed for performance, broadcasting, redistribution or reselling.

The enhanced license give you an *unlimited* usage of all 80 tracks which allows you to unlimited broadcasting, reselling, performance rights and distribution rights. That means you can perform live, broadcast, distribute and resell your work with no restrictions whatsoever.

This is the preferred option for most musicians and it is the lowest priced enhanced license you can get for this many tracks.

Common Question #2 : How do I order the 5 CD option?

Answer: The 2 options above are for instant downloads. You'll get the tracks immediately after purchasing. (no waiting in the mail!)

The 5 audio CD option costs $97.00 (cost of production and handling) inclusive of free worldwide shipping. If you're on dial-up or forsee problems with downloading huge files, I suggest getting the 5 CD set. These are high quality remaster audio CDs playable on any standard CD player or HI-FI. It also comes with the full enhanced license. You can order the 5 CD version by clicking here.

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