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From: Zack Roberts
Jersey City, NJ, USA

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An Open Letter To All 12 Bar Blues Musicians:

If you love playing 12 bar blues, listen up very closely as this may be the most important letter you'll ever read.

- Are you a blues musician looking for quality jam tracks?

- Are you sick and tired of cheesy sounding MIDI blues backing tracks?

Here's the scenario: I did some searching there other day looking for 12 bar blues jam tracks. What I found were complete garbage: dodgy music files that sound like MIDI tracks on a $3 sound card.

You can forget the cheesy, synthesized MIDI sounds you find everywhere else, these tracks have been specifically mixed to make them sound as close to the live music experience as possible. It is the finest, most sizzling 12 bar blues backing tracks that any professional blues musician would be proud of.

If you play the guitar, bass, drums, harp, keys, horns or any other instrument and want to jam to professionally recorded and produced backing tracks, this is your chance to grab this offer while it lasts...

Professionally Recorded & Produced By REAL Musicians...

The Ultimate 12 Bar Blues Jam Set - With 80 Of The Best Original Blues Backing Tracks For Blues Musicians
Over 560 Minutes (80 Unique Tracks) of Sizzling Blues Music WITHOUT the lead guitar
All tracks are 6-10 minutes long which makes them perfect for you to come up with some incredible solos over
These tracks contain bass, drums, rhythm guitar, and percussion recorded in a "LIVE" studio environment
Each of the 80 tracks is named with the suggested key for your solo and are alphabetically sorted
Professionally recorded and produced by real musicians - In 256kbps MP3 (NOT cheesy MIDI)
Choose between 5 CD version or downloadable options so you can start in the next 5 minutes or less...

No doubt about it, these tracks will provide you with hours of blues riffing bliss.

This is a collection of 80 original backing tracks designed to be the perfect practice tool for honing your guitar soloing chops.

It does not matter if you are a raw beginner or a seasoned pro, or whether you play acoustic or electric; these tracks will work for all guitar players at all skill levels.

...and these 12 bar blues backing tracks are not just for guitarists - it works for harmonica, harp, bass or keyboard musicians as well.

These tracks contain bass, drums, rhythm guitar, and percussion. The band is rockin’ the pocket, but there is no lead guitar. As they are original tracks you are not trying to copy someone else’s lead, you are free to create what you feel works with the track.

This allows you to work on your creativity and sharpen your skills. You will not find a better practice tool anywhere. What you have here is essentially a smoking band waiting for YOU to “Take the Lead”.

There is over 560 minutes of music on the disc in different keys, styles and tempo. Each of the 80 tracks is in the range of 6-10 minutes long.

These tracks are long which makes them perfect for you to come up with some incredible solos over and unlock your improvisational skills.

Take a listen to some of the samples below:
(samples are reduced quality and length)

Baby Blues In A:

East Pasco Blues in Bb:

Whose Beer Blues In C:

Backdoor Buzzer Blues In D:

Side Eye Blues in E:

Face Time Blues in F:

Good Girl Blues In G:

(If you can't hear the samples above, click on the links below instead:)

Sample 1

Sample 2
Sample 3
Sample 4
Sample 5
Sample 6

Remember, these tracks are just a small sample of 80 jam tracks - professionally recorded and produced by real musicians.

These backing tracks are great for ALL MUSICIANS who want to improvise to some smokin 12 bar blues. Also, this isn't cut-and-paste lifeless music, the tracks groove and change, and swell, breakdown and are kept interesting throughout - you really will feel like you're jamming with other musicians right there in the room with you!

But don't just take our word for it. Here are some testimonials from blues musicians like yourself...

Listen To What Our Satisfied
Customers Have To Say ...

12 Bar Blues Backing Tracks Testimonial 2I Love Your Backing Tracks...

I have spent hours (and I really mean HOURS) jamming to your tracks - I love the 'Slide Eye Blues' - I have so much fun playing to it!! I also really love the Usual Blues in E - great for guitarists...

I have seen a marked improvement in my guitar playing too - I can really let go and enjoy myself because the tracks are so long - which I think was the reason I bought them in the first place, but I'd like to say thank you, I am definitely telling my musician friends about this wonderful product too....

John Knapp
Wilmette, IL

" The Jive Blues Band"

12 Bar Blues Backing Tracks Guitar Testimonial 3
Far Superior To Anything Else On The Internet ... ”

Hey Zack,

I can't begin to tell you the fun that I'm having with your amazing backing tracks. I'm just getting back into music after 35 years and I don't have a band.

I have a lot in my head that I want to say and your backing tracks are letting me do it. I'm developing melodies and lyrics over your tracks and recording songs. It's so cool!

Your tracks are far superior to anything else out there. The texture is simply amazing. The supplementary materials, tips on scales and modes, as well as the slash notation showing chord changes really helps guide my process. Thanks very much for what you're doing

Check-out how much fun I'm having with your tracks at my "Myspace" website below.

Greg Wilkerson
Quincy, FL

The bottom line is this: You will NOT find a similar collection so massive at this level of quality anywhere else. This is also the lowest price you'll find on the net. Save hundreds over buying and downloading individual tracks.

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I've got my eye on it like a hawk, and when we reach that point, I'll withdraw this offer immediately and not apologize for it.

And I'm not going to keep the dinky introductory price I put on it. Not a chance. Once the first batch has been sold out, I'm going to raise the price accordingly.

Take action now and add this to your order:

Ultimate 12 Bar Blues Backing Tracks Collection Order Form


Give me access to 80 of the best 12 bar blues backing tracks! I'm both ready and eager to get my hands on the Ultimate 12 bar blues jam collection and start honing my improvisation skills right now!

I understand that:

  • Once my investment is successfully processed, I will receive 80 12-bar blues jam tracks instantly via download. ( 5 CD option also available on checkout )

  • I understand that it is recorded by real musicians and professionally produced in a "live" studio.

  • I also understand that a collection as huge and value-for-money as this is not available anywhere else in the market

  • My investment is only a one-time expense of $39.95

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Get your mojo workin,

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Zack Roberts

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