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50 Blues Guitar Backing Tracks Founder | Zack Roberts

From: Zack Roberts, Professional Guitarist
Jersey City, NJ, USA
Monday, March 10, 2008

To All Aspiring Guitarists...

re you a blues harp player? It is no secret that Blues is one of the most intriguing and interesting genres. If you looking to take your blues playing to the next level, you're in for a pleasant surprise...

In the next 5 Minutes, You Will Learn Secrets That Most Folks Never Knew About Blues Harps. Uncover The #1 Proven Method of Improving Your Blues Playing. Sounds Incredible? Take A Listen ...

Arrow Blues Guitar Backing Tracks Founder | Zack Roberts

Please press "Play" to listen how your great blues riff becomes an instant masterpiece with the right backing track to improvise over...

(if the video is sluggish, pause it and
wait for about 10 secs)



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  • 12 Bar Blues Groove MP3
  • Blues Slow Ballad MP3
  • Jazzy Blues Shuffle MP3
  • Cajun Blues MP3
  • Blues Rock Shuffle MP3
  • All keys, scales and improvisation tips provided.
  • + Free Improvisation Video Lessons
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Blues Rock Shuffle Audio Sample
(Lo-Fi Playback)

Blues Slow Ballad Audio Sample
(Lo-Fi Playback)

12 Bar Blues Shuffle Audio Sample
(Lo-Fi Playback)

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"A Secret That All Good Blues Harp Players Should Know ... "

Read This Blues Guitar Backing Tracks Founder | Zack Roberts

What makes a blues lick remarkable? It is not the riff, nor is it the tone. Experienced blues players like you, know that one of the secrets of great tone isn't just the sound of an amp, but the feel.

Guitar Player Magazine explores Chuck Berry’s licks in Blues Headlines and gives away a secret that all good blues players know. Here is the exact quote :

Here’s that famous T-Bone lick. Notice how well it sits in this laid-back context, but imagine it between a set of furious doublestops and it’s straight out of Johnny B Goode. You see, often it’s the context of a lick that makes it work - and it’s surprising how you can disguise some old chestnuts with a bit of judicious placement.

Shadow - 50Blues

Simply said, its all about having a great backing to bring out the best in a blues lick. And as such, we have the missing ingredient for all blues musicians below..

Free Blues Backing Tracks Audio Sample 1

Free Blues Jam Tracks Audio Sample 2

" Improve Your Chops & Licks With 50 Specialized Backing Tracks ... "

These blues jam tracks will allow you the freedom to improvise your personal arrangements instead of being restricted to backing tracks of specific songs. Using jamming tracks will be a very important part of your lead/rhythm guitar improvisions and growth as a musician...

Start improvising and creating new riffs with our blues backing tracks. Be creative. I think you'll even impress yourself!

"Live Experience". You get 50 Blues Jam Tracks with full backing instruments at your fingertips. Improvise over it using a guitar, harp or even a piano.
"Take It To The Next Level". Improve your leads, improvisations, riff creation with your own virtual private band.
"Great tracks length. Tracks run from 3-4 minutes with some tracks as long as 7 minutes. This means that it leaves enough room for playing over.
No more wasting time waiting to jam with other musicians. Save time and aggravation by jamming in the privacy of your own home at your own speed!
Professionally recorded for musicians who will only settle for quality tracks. I hate cheap midi files and as a guitarist, I know you feel the same too.
No more expensive lessons and deadlines to meet. Jam at your own pace anywhere you like. It is like a full band in a box.
Transform your practice experience and bring back the clarity and passion in your music.
No more wasting money buying expensive music software that you don't need. Don't waste time searching for that holy grail to improve your playing instantly overnight.
Shadow - 50Blues

Each track is specialized for practicing different techniques such as :

 Tempo and timing
 Finger-picking styles
 Turnarounds and many more..

Free Blues Backing Tracks Audio Sample 3


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To Your Music Mastery,

50 Blues Zack Roberts Signature

Zack Roberts
50 Blues Studios
Professional Guitarist & Instructor

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